Health Benefits

Finger root (Kaempferia ) and half with leaves isolated on white background, Krachai white used as Thai herbal medicine.


Relieves coughs and cold symptoms.

Fresh garlic isolated on white background


Enhances the immune function of the body.

Shrimp Paste in wooden bowl on white background.

Shrimp paste

Shrimp paste is high in calcium, helps nourish bones and teeth, and prevents anemia because it contains vitamin B12.



Makes hair roots strong and reduces premature breakage.

dry clove isolate on white background


Helps inhibit the growth of bacteria.

Close up Turmeric (Curcuma longa Linn) rhizome isolated on white background


Contains curcumin which helps the body’s immune system work efficiently.

Fresh galangal rhizomes with sliced and green leaf isolated on white background, (Alpinia galanga)


Prevents inflammation from bacteria and viruses.

Fresh ginger rhizome with sliced and green leaves isolated on white background.


Contains spicy gingrold (6-Gingerol) with antioxidant activity. It’s antiinflammation and reduces cough.

Chinese Celery isolated on white background

Chinese celery

Contains antioxidants that help fight inflammation, promote immune function and helps relieve joint pain, headache.

Fresh Carrot isolated on white background, Clipping path.


Carrots are rich in beta-carotene which has immune modulating and antioxidant effects.

Black Sesame seeds heap isolated on white background. Spices and food ingredients.

Black Sesame

Black Sesame is an antioxidant.

Green onion isolated on the white background

Spring onion

Helps synthesize collagen and improves iron absorption.



Helps make the body’s work processes more efficient, resulting in good health, resistance to disease, and a rejuvenated, healthybody.

whole and slice cucumber isolated on white background


Helps maintain immune levels in good condition.

Bean sprouts on white background

Bean sprouts

Contain iron which increases the body’s immunity.

Fresh Winged beans isolated on white background

Winged Bean

Good for bone maintenance.


Budu sauce

Contains calcium, phosphorus, and iron for bone maintenance.

Fresh Angled luffa (Ribbed Gourd) vegetable with slices isolated on white background.

Luffa or Zucchini

Contains antioxidant properties, treats sinusitis, cataracts, rashes, skin allergies.

Holy Basil,Ocimum sanctum isolate on white

Holy basil leaves

Contains an important substance called carvacrol that helps relieve cold symptoms and is effective against influenza virus.

Fresh Green Leaf of full-grown Hemp - Cannabis - isolated on white background. Growing medical marijuana. Studio shot.

Cannabis leaves

Help relax, induce deep sleep, reduce nausea, vomiting and stimulate appetite. They canalso reduce inflammation, spasms and have properties to inhibit the growth of many types of tumors.

Garlic chives isolated on white background

Chinese Chives

Enhance the immune system.

Piper betle leaf on white background

Betel leaf

Helps to stimulate blood circulation.

Flat lay (top view) of Fresh green pandan leaves isolated on white background.


Helps adjust the immune system and contains antioxidants.

bergamot leaf on white background in top view

Kaffir lime leaves

Kaffir lime leaves have antioxidant properties.

Green fresh lemon basil leaves isolated on white background with clipping path, Fresh thai garden herbs, Hoary basil, Hairy basil (Ocimum africanum)

Hairy basil

Hairy basil is high in iron which helps nourish the blood.

Tiliacora triandra isolated on white background, have a medicine properties

Bamboo grass leaves

Contain vitamin A to boost the immune system.

Sweet basil isolated on white background

Sweet basil leaves

Sweet basil leaves have anti-inflammatory and pain killing properties and can inhibit the growth of many types of pathogens.

green leaves of spinach isolated on white background

Wild spinach

Provides iron to boost the immune system of the body.

cut of Lettuce isolated on white background

White Cabbage

Helps repair and rejuvenate the body, strengthen muscles and reduce symptoms of various ailments.

Paco Fern, Small Vegetable fern, Vegetable fern on white background

Paco fern

Paco fern is high in iron which boosts the body’s immune system.

fresh culantro leaves isolated on white background, top view


Helps strengthen the immune system of the body to work better, thus preventing illness and anti-inflammatory in the body.

fresh dill on white background


Helps relieve cold symptoms.

Melientha suavis on white background,Phak Wan Pa.

Wild watercress leaves or Pak Waan

Helps reduce inflammation and boost immunity.

Two Large Red chili peppers isolated on white background.


Boosts immunity, is rich in vitamin A and vitamin C which are important nutrients for the immune system.

red hot bird chili pepper nature isolated on white background

Bird’s eye chili

Contains capsaicin that helps soothe cold symptoms, runny nose, and phlegm.



Piperine has antiinflammatory effects and antioxidants.

Pile of Black peppercorns (Black pepper) seeds isolated on white background.

Black Pepper

Black Pepper is an antioxidant and has antiinflammatory effect.

pepper,peppercorn for sale on white background

Green peppercorn

Nourishes bones, teeth, and prevents osteoporosis.


Chili flakes

Help relieve flu symptoms and reduce mucus.

sweet pepper, red, green, yellow paprika, isolated on white background, clipping path, full depth of field

Bell pepper

Reduces mucus, makes breathing easier. It also helps prevent infections in the mouth, nose, and throat area.

Dried red hot chili pepper isolated on white background.

Dried chili

Contains antioxidants that help strengthen the immune system in the body.

Green pumpkin isolated on the white background .


Pumpkin is rich in betacarotene which has the effect of improving immunity and is an antioxidant.

fresh tamarind fruit isolated on white background


Contains vitamin C and antioxidants that help strengthen the immune system.



Tomatoes are an antioxidant.

Close up Sichuan pepper on isolated on white background (szechuan pepper)

Sichuan Pepper

Acts as a tonic, nourishing the body and expelling excess gas from the intestines.

slice lime isolated on white background full depth of field


Reduces the incidence of respiratory tract infections.

green mango isolated on white background. full depth of field

Green Mango

Contains vitamin C, an antioxidant.

Bitter melon , Bitter gourd isolated on white background.

Bitter melon

Contains beta carotene that helps boost immunity and acts as an antioxidant.

Bitter gourd or Bitter melon or Momordica charantia isolated on white background

Bitter Melon

Can help boost the body’s immunity functions.

papaya isolated on a white background


Helps fight free radicals.

Roasted cashew nuts with green leaves isolated on white background. Macro, studio shot

Cashew Nuts

Help strengthen immunity and nourish the nerves, as well as being an anti-depressant.

Coriander or Cilantro root isolated on white background

Coriander root

Coriander root has high antioxidant, anti-seizure properties, prevents brain cells from being damaged.



Nutmeg is a carminative to cure flatulence, aid digestion, nourish the blood, nourish the heart and help the appetite.


Mint leaves

Helping prevent illnesses caused by viruses and bacteria and helping recover from the flu faster.



Helps fight free radicals, reduce inflammation and helps repair cells damaged by infection.

Red Onion Isolated On White Background


Prevent inflammation and fight off bacteria and viruses.



Onion is effective against COVID-19 pathogens.

The group of grey oyster mushroom isolated on white background. Delicious and nutritious ingredient for vegetarian and healthy lifestyle people.

Grey oyster mushroom

Contains beta glucan which helps strengthen the body’s immunity.

uncooked fresh Straw mushrooms on white background

Straw mushroom

Prevents the growth of fluenza causing viruses.


Shiitake mushroom

Contains eritadenine which helps soothe cold symptoms.

ear mushroom on white background

Wood ear mushroom

Stimulates the excretory system, is very high in fiber.
Thus helping the excretory system allowing it work at full efficiency. It’s also good for those looking to lose weight as well.

Oringi mushroom or royal oyster mushroom, halved on a white background.

King oyster mushroom

Contain beta-glucans that can stimulate immunity.

Big bunch of fruit red grapes with green grape leaves on white background


Helps fight free radicals.

Cinnamon sticks, isolated on white background


Stimulates the nerves and reduces stress as well as helping reduce blood sugar levels.

Fresh green apple with green leaf and sliced  isolated on white background. Clipping path.

Green Apple

Acts as an antioxidant.

Fresh red Apple fruit with sliced and green leaves isolated on white background.

Red Apple

Contains dietary fiber that with digestions.