Sesame and Cannabis Dumplings in Ginger Tea


This traditional Thai dessert has been around for centuries, and it is said that the current recipe comes from the recipe of Thao Thong Kip Ma in the late Ayutthaya period. There are desserts similar to Bua Loi found the neighboring nations in the east from China all the way down to the Malay Peninsula. One origin hypothesis is that the temperate climate of Thailand lends well to starchy plants and as a result, different cooking processed involving flour have sprung up. Many ethnic groups across the continent have designed their own Bua Loi-like dishes based on local ingredients.

The Thai version involves molding the dough into round balls, filling them with something crunchy, and bringing them to a boil in hot water before eating with syrup or coconut milk. Some recipes add eggs to make them sweet or add just the salted egg yolks to give a rich, slightly salty taste to the dish.

Throughout Thai history, the dish has been used in various merit-making ceremonies and Chinese descendants in Thailand even have their very own Bua Loi Festival called “Tang Choi”. There is another Chinese version known as “Yu Nguyen Xiao” in which the dumplings are stuffed with black sesame and served in ginger tea and this has become known in Thailand as “Bua Loi Nam Khing”.

Health Benefits

‘Sesame and Cannabis Dumplings in Ginger Tea’ is a dish adapted from a traditional Thai dessert. The dish combines fresh fragrance of pandan leaves, and a light spicy flavor from the ginger combined with the sweetness of the coconut milk and soft and chewy dumpling flour. The cannabis leaves enhance the flavor and give you a relaxing glow.

  • ‘Cannabis leaves’ help relax, induce deep sleep, reduce nausea, vomiting and stimulate appetite. They can also reduce inflammation, spasms and have properties to inhibit the growth of many types of tumors.
  • ‘Pandan’ helps adjust the immune system and contains antioxidants.*
  • ‘Black Sesame’ is an antioxidant.**
  • ‘Ginger’ has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.***


  • glutinous rice flour 50 gr
  • water 200 cc
  • sugar 50 gr
  • cannabis leaf 1 leaf
  • pandan leaf 2 leaf
  • ginger 50 gr
  • sesame paste 20 gr
  • black sesame 2 gr


Extract the juice from the cannabis leaves.

Mix the extracted juice with flour.

Mold the glutinous rice flour into sheets and fill them with sesame paste and black sesame before rolling into balls. Blanch the balls in boiling water and set to drain and cool.

Boil the ginger and sugar in water, place the balls in the water and serve.

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