Healthy Food

“Samrup Thai” Traditional Thai Food Set (1.Bone Nourishing Three-Flavored Winged Bean Salad 2. Sichuan Pepper Fried Chicken 3. Five-Spice Jungle Curry )


The food in a set is unique and varies from region to region, depending on geography, society, culture, and traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation.

The central region’s set dishes are called ‘Samrup’. In the past, the central region used to be the administrative center, so the food of the central region has been influenced by many ethnic food cultures including China, India, Laos, Vietnam, and other countries from the west ever since the Ayutthaya period. As a result, the food here is more diverse in both cooking methods and flavor than other regions with an exquisite dish presentation influenced by ‘Samrup Royal Food’.

In the northeastern region, the food set is called as ‘Pha Khao’ or ‘Pha Samrub’. The food has a strong salty flavor from fermented fish and salt, a pronounced spiciness, and is influenced by Laotian cuisine The northern version is called ‘Khantoke’, a Lanna word meaning ‘Food container’. The taste of food is salty, sour, and somewhat mild.

Finally, the set meal in the south is called ‘Samrup’, as in the central region. The food is intensely spiced and fragrant. When the set is used for offering merit to deceased ancestors during the tenth month, it is known as ‘Marab’.

Health Benefits

It is a main meal that is arranged in a large set and consists of a variety of dishes; steamed rice, glutinous rice, and two to three kinds of side dishes including fruits, vegetables, and desserts. Taken as a meal, it’s incredibly nutritious because it contains protein from meat and carbohydrates from rice as well as the nutrients found in the fruits, vegetables, herbs as well as various spices. This set is a set that will help promote immune function and prevent various inflammations with the properties of Thai herbal food.

  • ‘Garlic’ enhances immunity.*
  • ‘Bird’s eye chili’ helps soothe cold symptoms, runny nose, and phlegm.**
  • ‘Shallot’ helps prevent allergies, anti-inflammation, and protects against bacteria and viruses.***
  • ‘Lemongrass’ enhances immunity.******
  • ‘Turmeric’helps the body’s immune system work more efficiently.*****
  • ‘Sichuan Pepper’ is a tonic that’s nourishing element, solving element disabilities, and expelling gas in the intestines.


1.Spicy Winged Bean Salad

  • winged bean 50 gr
  • fish sauce 20 gr
  • lime juice 20 gr
  • palm sugar 15 gr
  • thai chili paste 13 gr
  • bird’s eye chili 5 gr
  • coconut milk 40 gr
  • shallot 20 gr
  • roasted peanuts 10 gr
  • boiled shrimp 30 gr
  • boiled egg 1 pcs
  • fried garlic 2 gr

2.Fried Chicken with Sichuan Pepper

  • chicken drumsticks 200 gr
  • palm sugar 3 gr
  • sichuan pepper 2 gr
  • coriander root 1 gr
  • garlic 5 gr
  • white pepper 1 gr
  • fish sauce 20 gr

3.Jungle Curry

  • free range chicken 100 gr
  • jungle curry paste
  • fingerroot 5 gr
  • green peppercorn 2 gr
  • seasonal wild vegetables 50 gr
    • baby corn
    • pea eggplant
    • long bean
    • green brinjal
  • chicken stock 500 gr
  • sugar 10 gr
  • fish sauce 50 gr
  • sliced chili 5 gr
  • holy basil 3 gr
  • kaffir lime leaf 2 gr


1.Spicy Winged Bean Salad

Blanch the winged beans in boiling water.

Mix the chili paste, palm sugar, coconut milk, fish sauce and lime to create the salad dressing.

Mix all the ingredients thoroughly and evenly.

Sprinkle with fried garlic and serve with boiled eggs.

2.Fried Chicken with Sichuan Pepper

Pound the Sichuan pepper to a fine powder and then pound the garlic, coriander root and pepper together into a paste.

Marinate the drumsticks in the paste and season with fish sauce.

Heat a pan and fry the marinated chicken drumsticks in oil until cooked through.

Drain and serve.

3.Jungle Curry

Bring water to the boil and dissolve the jungle curry paste to form the soup.

Add the fingerroot, young peppercorns, chili and kaffir lime leaves.

Add the chicken and boil until cooked through. Add the basil leaves and stir.

Season with fish sauce and sugar and serve with a garnish of sliced chili.

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