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Shrimp with Tamarind Sauce and Thai Herbs


‘Sauce’ is a somewhat familiar term when it comes to Thai food, but versatile tamarind sauce is found in many Thai kitchens and used to flavor a variety of dishes. The sauce is created by simmering sugar, fish sauce, and tamarind juice together for a sweet, sour, and salty taste.

The tamarind tree is an auspicious species and an ancient belief states that planting it on the west side of your house will bring power and privilege. The pods are always said to predict thunderstorms. It’s believed that in a year when the tamarind pods bend so much that the end of the fruit comes close to the trunk, it’s an omen which predicts a cold spell.

It is obvious that tamarind is inextricably linked to the Thai way of life and the beliefs of Thai people, as well as being a herb with many benefits. It’s suitable for making sauces that can be poured over shrimp, jazzing up Pad Thai noodles, or adding to papaya salad for a more well-rounded sour taste.

Health Benefits

‘Shrimp with Tamarind Sauce and Thai Herbs’ is a fried dish that is simple to make and incredibly tasty. Simply fry some large shrimps until golden and crispy, and top them with the sweet, sticky tamarind sauce. It can be eaten with steamed rice or as an appetizer but is best eaten hot and you’ll be blown away. Sour tamarind is classified by medical practitioners as a part of herbal remedy for constipation.

  • ‘Tamarind’ contains vitamin C and antioxidants that help strengthen the immune system.*
  • ‘Garlic’ is rich in allicin which enhances the innate and adaptive immunity.**
  • ‘Dried Chili’ contains capsaicin which helps relieve cold symptom and reduces mucus and phlegm.***


  • river prawn or tiger prawn 120 gr
  • wheat flour 5 gr
  • tamarind juice 50 gr
  • fish sauce 20 gr
  • palm sugar or coconut sugar 50 gr
  • fried garlic 5 gr
  • dried chili 2 gr


Coat the prawns in flour, fry until cooked through and leave to drain.

Combine the tamarind juice, fish sauce, palm sugar and simmer until the ingredients blend. Add the prawns and stir.

Add the dried chili and fried garlic.

Mix thoroughly and serve.

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