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Bone Nourishing Three-Flavored Winged Bean Salad


Yum is a spicy food that is suitable as an appetizer or as a beer snack and has been popular with the spice-loving Thais since ancient days.

Yum by definition means tossing food that is cut into small pieces together and seasoning with sauce, rather than a specific taste profile. For this reason, it’s apparent that Yum recipes have changed considerably throughout the years.

A good Yum should possess be a harmonious balance of sour, salty and spicy flavors and popular takes on Yum at present are fluffy minced catfish salad and ‘Yum Sam Krob’ a combination of three crispy ingredients of the chef’s choice. Some versions, like this winged bean one, add coconut milk and chili paste for a spicier, creamier experience.

Health Benefits

‘Bone Nourishing Three-Flavored Winged Bean Salad’ is a dish from an ancient wisdom that turns common vegetables into something very tasty and has a mellow flavor similar to that of Western style salads and a mild level of spiciness. The winged beans are sliced finely, seasoned and coated in fresh coconut milk and chili paste.

  • ‘Winged bean’ when eaten regularly will help strengthen teeth. It is also good for bone maintenance.
  • ‘Shallot’ helps prevent allergies, anti-inflammation and protects against bacteria and viruses.*
  • ‘Lime’ helps fight free radicals, reduced inflammation and repairs damaged cells from infection. It also inhibits the growth of the virus.**
  • ‘Bird’s eye chili’ helps soothe cold symptoms, runny nose and phlegm.***
  • ‘Garlic’ enhances the immunity.****


  • winged bean 50 gr
  • fish sauce 20 gr
  • lime juice 20 gr
  • palm sugar 15 gr
  • thai chili paste 13 gr
  • bird’s eye chili 5 gr
  • coconut milk 40 gr
  • shallot 20 gr
  • roasted peanuts 10 gr
  • boiled shrimp 30 gr
  • boiled egg 1 pcs
  • fried garlic 2 gr


Blanch the winged beans in boiling water.

Mix the chili paste, palm sugar, coconut milk, fish sauce and lime to create the salad dressing.

Mix all the ingredients thoroughly and evenly.

Sprinkle with fried garlic and serve with boiled eggs.

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