Immune Booster

Immune-Boosting Chicken Soup with Turmeric


It is believed that turmeric chicken curry is originally from Thai-Muslim families in the south of Thailand who have a culture of using spices in cooking. In many areas, there are people who are called ‘Souper’ of the village which is the name of a Muslim who is skilled and professional in making soup or cooking. Whether there are ceremonies, banquets, merit-making, or other events, the super will show off his cooking skills according to various recipes. This cooking process is classified by the locals as an art because it takes meticulously to prepare the ingredients whether cleaning herbs, during cilantro and cumin seeds, grinding the curry paste until it is brought into the pot until it becomes a delicious dish. It is considered the way of life of people in the community together.

Health Benefits

‘Immune-Boosting Chicken Soup with Turmeric’ can help prevent Covid-19.
Chicken Soup with turmeric is a traditional southern dish with chicken and turmeric as the main ingredients, giving it a rich flavor and many health benefits. The menu tastes like clear tom yum soup from the central region but has the aroma, taste, and yellow color of turmeric. The sour taste is made from the garcinia, balancing it out with herbs such as galangal, lemongrass, and kaffir lime leaves.

  • ‘Turmeric’ contains curcumin which helps the body’s immune system work efficiently.*
  • ‘Galangal’ prevents inflammation from bacteria and viruses.
  • ‘Garlic’ enhances the immune function of the body.
  • ‘Lemongrass’ helps make the body’s work processes more efficient, resulting in good health, not getting sick easily sick, and a rejuvenated body.
  • ‘Chicken breasts’ provide protein to support immune system function.**


  • free range chicken 100 gr
  • fresh turmeric 5 gr
  • lemongrass 10 gr
  • kaffir lime leaf 3 gr
  • galangal 5 gr
  • dried chili 2 gr
  • chicken stock 400 gr
  • coriander leaf 2 gr
  • ginger sliced 5 gr
  • shallot 10 gr
  • fish sauce 20 gr


Boil the stock and add the chicken.

Add the fresh turmeric, lemongras, kaffir, lime leaves, shallot, dried chili.

Add curry powder.

Add fish sauce to flavour.

Prepare a coriander garnish for the plate and serve.

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