Immune Booster

Stuffed Bitter Melon Consommé with Herbal Minced Pork


Stuffing, the act of putting ingredients inside of vegetables, fruits, or meat, is a culinary practice that is popular in many places around the globe, including France and the Middle East, and less common in Chinese, Japanese and Indian cuisines. In South East Asia, the technique is usually found in royal dishes because of its complex nature.

Stuffed food is regarded as an art that showcases fine culinary skills and attention to detail as well as time and effort.

Bitter melons are popular for stuffing as its fairly easy to scrape out the flesh and seeds. Although the vegetables are bitter, as the name suggests, when cooked properly they retain just a pleasant tinge of bitterness which really enhances the overall taste of the dish.

Health Benefits

‘Stuffed Bitter Melon Consommé with Herbal Minced Pork’ can help prevent Covid 19.
This dish is a perfect combination of bitterness from the vegetables and sweetness from the minced pork stuffing. Bitter melons have many health benefits. and there are also garlic and mushrooms in the soup, which are natural flavor enhancers. Combine these with garlic and spices and you have a dish that is incredibly aromatic and appetizing.

  • ‘Bitter melon’ contains beta carotene that helps boost immunity and acts as an antioxidant.*
  • ‘Shiitake mushroom’ contains eritadenine which helps soothe cold symptoms.**
  • ‘Garlic’ enhances immune function.


  • bitter melon 100 gr
  • minced pork 50 gr
  • garlic (chopped) 5 gr
  • coriander root 2 gr
  • white pepper 2 gr
  • shiitake mushroom 20 gr
  • chicken stock 500 gr
  • soy sauce 30 gr
  • sugar 5 gr
  • coriander leaf 1 gr
  • vermicelli 20 gr
  • carrot 30 gr
  • chinese spinach 5 gr


Cut the bitter melon into pieces.

Pound the garlic, coriander root and pepper together, combine them with the minced pork and vermicelli and season with fish sauce, pepper before stuffing the mix with the bitter melon.

Boil the stock, season with fish sauce and soy sauce, add the stuffed bitter melon, shiitake mushrooms and carrots and boil until all ingredients are cooked through.


*Kawata A, et al. Anti-inflammatory Activity of β-Carotene, Lycopene and Tri-n-butylborane, a Scavenger of Reactive Oxygen Species. In Vivo. 2018; 32(2): 255–64
**Boonthida Marakul. Mushrooms, a food source with health benefits.