Immune Booster

Disease Preventing E-Sarn Style Mushroom Soup


This flavorsome mushroom soup was born in the northeastern region sometime in the past. It is believed that it was originally cooked in the early to mid rainy season because this was the time of year when mushrooms were in abundance .Villagers would collect them to create a variety of mushroom dishes for a living, including this delicious mushroom soup. Many types of mushroom grow in the hills of Northeastern Thailand including milk-white brittle gill mushroom, bolete and grisette mushrooms.

But nowadays, we don’t have to wait for the mushroom season, we can apply different types of mushrooms from local sources, areas, countries that we can find and create with this unique recipe in the Northeast of Thailand as well.

Health Benefits

‘Disease Preventing E-Sarn Style Mushroom Soup’ can help prevent covid 19
A mellow, nutritious dish with assorted mushrooms and a tasty broth from bamboo grass leaves that provide fresh natural chlorophyll. When combined with mushrooms, bamboo shoots, angled gourd and pumpkin in the pot, it creates a mildly sweet flavor, which is delicious even without meat. The dish is bursting with nutrients from various kinds of mushrooms such as shiitakes, grey oyster mushrooms, king oyster mushrooms and termite mushrooms.

  • ‘Shiitaki mushroom’ contains eritadenine which helps soothe cold symptoms.*
  • ‘Grey oyster mushroom’ contains beta glucan which helps strengthen the body’s immunity.**
  • ‘Pak Waan’ helps reduce inflammation and boost immunity.**
  • ‘Pumpkin’ is rich in beta-carotene which has the effect of improving immunity and is an antioxidant.****
  • ‘Bamboo grass leaves’ contain vitamin A to boost the immune system.*****
  • ‘Origi mushrooms’ contain beta-glucans that can stimulate immunity.


  • mixed seasonal mushroom 50 gr
    • shiitake
    • oyster mushroom
    • king oyster mushroom
    • termite mushroom
  • pumpkin 20 gr
  • Acacia Pennata 5 gr
  • Bamboo Grass Juice 100 gr
  • dill 1 gr
  • wild watercress 1 gr
  • fermented fish
  • bird’s eye chili 2 gr
  • baby corn 10 gr
  • fish sauce 20 gr
  • angled gourd 50 gr


Boil bamboo grass juice.

Add all the vegetables and simmer until cooked through.

Flavour with fermented fish and fish sauce.

Stir regularly, bring to the boil and serve.

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