Immune Booster

Fresh Herb Spring Rolls


Spring rolls have long been a favorite snack amongst Thai people and they are served in both fresh and fried varieties and dipped in a number of different sauces depending on personal and regional preference. This snack obviously originated in China, being known as Fuzhou in Cantonese or Chun Ping (literally ‘spring snacks’) in Mandarin. The word “Chun” symbolizes prosperity and new life so the Chinese believe that eating spring rolls will bring them good fortune and wealth for the coming season.

Health Benefits

‘Fresh Herb Spring Rolls’ can help prevent Covid 19
A delicious, healthy menu which contains only vegetables, vermicelli and other nutrient-filled herbs, wrapped in a soft, thin rice paper and eaten with various flavored dipping sauces. The menu is rich in fibre and fresh herbs, has a delicious crunchy texture and is full of vitamins. A dish you can enjoy without worrying about your weight.

  • ‘Dill’ helps relieve cold symptoms.*
  • ‘Holy basil leaves’ have the effect of reducing the chance of infection-causing disease, Covid-19, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, reduce pain, and can inhibit the growth of many types of pathogens.
  • ‘White Cabbage’ helps repair the worn-out parts of the body and strengthen muscles. It makes muscles and cells strong and helps reduce symptoms of illness.


  • fresh spring roll sheet 1 pcs
  • holy basil 2 gr
  • sweet basil 2 gr
  • dill 2 gr
  • culantro 5 gr
  • mint 2 gr
  • vermicelli 10 gr
  • spicy lime sauce 40 gr
  • tofu 50 gr
  • chinese cabbage 10 gr
  • lettuce 5 gr


Soak spring roll sheets in water until soft.

Place the herbs on the pastry.

Roll the pastry up to create a bite-sized roll.

Serve the spring rolls with dipping sauce.

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