Immune Booster

Fried Fish with Turmeric and Fragrant Lemongrass


The exact origin of this dish remains unknown, but it is presumed that because Thai people set up their homes close to a river or water source in the past, there were all kind of fish and seafood readily available to them. Turmeric is a herb that kind be used to combat the often off-putting odor of river fish and therefore it was logical to combine the two. The dish that is enjoyed nowadays is not marinated in turmeric as in the past but rather stir-fried with turmeric and ginger to create a delicate aroma.

Health Benefits

‘Fried Fish with Turmeric and Fragrant Lemongrass’ can help prevent Covid 19
A stir-fried dish with an impressive assortment of herbs. Give the fish a mellow flavor by first deep-frying and then stir-frying in a pan with turmeric and other herbs which enhance the taste and get rid of any fishy smell. The fish should be crispy on the outside and soft inside with an inviting yellow tinge created by the turmeric.

  • ‘Turmeric’ contains curcumin. Helps the body’s immune system work efficiently.**
  • ‘Garlic’ enhances innate and adaptive immune function.***
  • ‘Lemongrass’ makes the body’s work processes more efficient, resulting in good health, not getting sick easily, and a rejuvenated body.
  • ‘Fish’ contains vitamin D, reducing the risk of acute respiratory tract infections.*


  • seabass fish or white meat fish 250 gr
  • garlic (chopped) 5 gr
  • fresh turmeric 2 gr
  • curry powder 1 gr
  • lemongrass 5 gr
  • fish sauce 25 gr
  • wheat flour 10 gr
  • cooking oil for frying
  • kaffir lime leaves


Marinate the fish in garlic, fish sauce, curry powder and fresh turmeric.

Fry the kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass and cumin until they are crispy and aromatic.

Dip the marinated fish in wheat flour, fry it in oil and serve on the crispy fried herbs.

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