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Northern Style Laab Mushroom and Fragrant Toasted Rice Salad


Laab is a regional delicacy in Thailand’s northern and northeastern regions and is strongly influenced by Vinentiane style cooking. Ingredients differ from province to province, but the thing that it has in common is that Laab is universally considered a festival dish and brings to mind celebration or special times of the year. In bygone times, villagers would butcher a whole cow or pig in order to make enough Laab to feed all their guests. The making of Laab involves quite a lot of physical work to mince meat and grind herbs to make the seasoning, and the task was traditionally allocated to the men of the village. Whoever displayed good cooking skills would become known as the “Laab Rascal” and gain a considerable reputation among the local community, often being invited to act as head chef on special occasions.

Health Benefits

‘Northern Style Laab Mushroom and Fragrant Toasted Rice Salad’ can help prevent Covid-19.
Laab Mushroom menu is special from the traditional one. Usually, Laab dishes are mainly made from meat. But nowadays, other ingredients are used to mix with Laab spices such as mushrooms, etc. using the same method. It’s suitable for vegetarian people. The Laab Mushroom menu has many properties from various herbs that make up the dressing Including the spicy Laab chili that makes the mushrooms unbelievably delicious.

  • ‘Shiitake mushroom’ contains eritadenine which helps soothe cold symptoms.*
  • ‘Oyster mushroom’ contains beta-glucan which helps strengthen the body’s immunity.**
  • ‘Orinji mushroom’ that can stimulate immunity.
  • ‘Culantro’ helps strengthen the immune system of the body to work better thus preventing illness and anti-inflammatory in the body.


  • mixed mushrooms 150 gr
    • shiitake mushroom
    • oyster mushroom
    • eringi mushroom
  • chili flakes 10 gr
  • lime juice 15 gr
  • fish sauce 15 gr
  • sugar 5 gr
  • ground toasted rice powder 10 gr
  • shallot 30 gr
  • culantro 5 gr
  • spring onion 5 gr
  • vegetables
    • cabbage
    • cucumber
    • carrot


Blanch all of the mushrooms in hot water and drain.

Season with dried chili powder, ground toasted rice powder, sugar and fish sauce.

Add the herbs and spices.

Mix all the ingredients thoroughly and serve with vegetables.

*Boonthida Marakul. Mushrooms, a food source with health benefits.
**Boonthida Marakul. Mushrooms, a food source with health benefits.