Immune Booster

Crispy Thai Omelette with Basil Leaves


When a home cook is at a loss for what to rustle up in the kitchen, a simple but tasty egg dish is often what springs to mind. To make a great omelette, all you need to do is beat some eggs and add meat or vegetables of your choice. In Thai kitchens the fluffy version of the omelette reigns supreme and to make it you will need a deep wok and tons of oil.

The omelette was historically documented in the Memoir Archives of the Princess Naridara Dhevi as one of the foods served during the ceremony of the Emerald Buddha in the time of King Rama I, but there was scant evidence regarding the actual origin or background of the dish. Historians presumed that it took influence from the omelettes cooked by visiting westerners and expatriates because the cooking methods are quite similar. In the western version, eggs are beaten together with milk and fried in a hot pan with butter before cheese, ham and tomatoes are added and the whole thing is folded in half and served.
The word ‘jiaw’ is a Cantonese word which the Thai language has borrowed and means to fry in oil, hence “Kai jiaw”, the Thai word for omelette.

Health Benefits

‘Crispy Thai Omelette with Basil Leaves’, a household menu with the main ingredient such as ‘Basil’ that helps strengthen the immune system along with promoting normal body functions, and ‘chili’ with high vitamin A and vitamin C content, contains beta-carotene, which is an antioxidant. It is an important nutrient for the immune system and can help prevent COVID-19.

  • ‘Chili’ helps relieve flu symptoms, reduce mucus and phlegm.
  • ‘Sweet basil’ contains caffeic acid that can fight against influenza virus and improve immunity.*
  • ‘Egg’ provides protein which helps boost the body’s immunity.**


  • 3 eggs
  • sweet basil 5 gr
  • red chili sliced 2 gr
  • fish sauce 10 gr
  • cooking oil 50 gr


Beat the eggs and flavour with fish sauce.

Pour the egg over the basil and chili.

Fry the egg mixture until cooked.

Garnish with sliced chili and serve.

* Fight COVID-19 with dairy? China industry associations issue consumption guidelines to build immune resistance.
-Turkish Dietetic Association. Turkish Dietetic Association’s Recommendations on Nutrition and COVID-19
**Tsai KW. Immunomodulatory effects of aqueous extract of Ocimum basilicum (Linn.) and some of its constituents on human immune cells. Biology. 2011; 5(7): 375-85