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'Nam Prik' Herbal Chili Dip


Chili Dip or Nam Prik is believed to have been around since the Ayutthaya period. The word ‘Nam Prik’ originated from a cooking method using herbs, chili, garlic, onions, and strong-smelling spices, mixed with local vegetables and pounded with shrimp, fish or other meats depending on local availability and personal preference.

In the past, people preferred to eat seafood rather than wild or farmed animals because they were easy to find and catch along the canal, and more convenient that farming or hunting. It is assumed that this dip was invented to combat the fishy smell of seafood and add flavor and spice to their meals. The names of the various types of chili dip are often referred to by their main ingredients or by the type of chili used as a base.

Culinary surveys of the country have revealed that there were previously over 500 types of chili paste and dips in Thailand but there are currently only 200 or so still commonly made. This menu was registered as a National Intangible Cultural Heritage in the year 2012. Each locality has its own ingredients, methods and ways of eating their chili paste; Northern Thais add fermented beans to theirs; Northeasterners add the region’s ubiquitous fermented fish and in Southern Thailand, sweet “budu” sauce is added. The beauty of this dish is its versatility and the fact it goes well with so many other dishes.

Health Benefits

‘’Nam Prik’ Herbal Chili Dip’ can help prevent Covid 19.
“Chilli Dip” or “Nam Prik” is a Thai dipping sauce dish with a spicy and aromatic flavor that can be eaten with meat or vegetables and goes especially well with jasmine rice. The ingredients contained in this dish vary from region to region. It is considered to be a great herbal medicinal menu.

  • ‘Dried chilies’ contain capsaicin, a substance that creates a spicy flavor and helps strengthen the immune system.*
  • ‘Shallots’ prevent inflammation and fight off bacteria and viruses.**
  • ‘Garlic’ enhances the innate and adaptive immunity.***
  • ‘Galangal’ helps prevent allergic reactions and has an anti-inflammatory effect as well as fighting off bacteria and viruses.****
  • ‘Lime’ reduces the incidence of respiratory tract infections.


  • dried shrimp 20 gr
  • dried chili 5 gr
  • fried kaffir lime leaves 3 gr
  • fried coriander root 15 gr
  • fried lemongrass 20 gr
  • fried ginger 20 gr
  • fried galangal 10 gr
  • fried shallot 20 gr
  • fried garlic 20 gr
  • fried peanut 20 gr
  • fish sauce 50 gr
  • palm sugar 90 gr
  • tamarind juice 30 gr
  • lime juice 5 gr


Finely slice the herbs.

Sautee the herbs lightly in oil and drain the oil off.

Combine the remaining ingredients and season with tamarind juice, palm sugar and lime.

Mix all the ingredients thoroughly and serve.

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