Immune Booster

Special Tom Yum Goong


In the year 1898, the recipe for ‘Special Tom Yum Kung’ was recorded in the book “The Dictionary of Making Savory Foods like Westerners and Siamese”, but the recipes and methods were very different from the modern Tom Yum Goong that we all know and love. The modern Tom Yum Goong recipe is in fact closer to the ‘Kaeng Nok Mor’ and ‘Tom Yum Khmer’ recipes by Thanpuying Plean Passakornrawong in the book The Cook’s Cookbook (1908). It wasn’t until 1964 that a recipe similar to the modern incantation of Tom Yum Goong appeared in the book “Khao Savoey” by M.R. Kitinadda Kittiyakorn. The first ever recorded instance of Tom Yum Goong being eaten was at Klai Kangwon Palace at around this time.

Traditionally, Tom Yum Goong only came in a clear broth version, but Krit Luelamai, an archaeologist and culinary historian, once wrote an article describing how the creamier version of Tom Yum Goong was born in the reign of King Rama VI. Around that time, it was rumored that a newly opened Chinese eatery in Bangkok started putting milk in their Tom Yum soup to increased the concentration. However, this anecdote is just like an urban legend. There is no definitive evidence either.

Health Benefits

‘Special Tom Yum Goong’ can help prevent Covid 19
The secret to the deliciousness of a world-class dish such as Tom Yum Goong is not just meaty shrimp, it’s also the delicious world’s renowed herbal mixed soup which includes sweet and spicy galangal, fragrant lemongrass, and bitter bergamot. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call this popular dish a large pot of medicine.

  • ‘Galangal’ helps prevent allergic reactions, has an anti-inflammatory effect and fights off bacteria and viruses.*
  • ‘Straw mushroom’ prevents the growth of influenza-causing viruses.**
  • ‘Kaffir lime leaves’ have antioxidant properties.
  • ‘Lemongrass’ makes the body’s work processes more efficient, resulting in good health, not getting sick easily, and a rejuvenated body.
  • ‘Lime’ reduces the incidence of respiratory tract infections.
  • ‘Shrimp’ provides protein to support immune function.***


  • thai chili paste 20 gr
  • sliced galangal 3 gr
  • sliced lemongrass 4 gr
  • sliced kaffir lime leaf 1 gr
  • straw mushroom 50 gr
  • fish sauce 30 gr
  • lime juice 15 gr
  • tiger prawn 80 gr
  • bird’s eye chili 5 gr
  • coriander 1 gr
  • chicken stock 400 gr
  • coconut milk 50 gr
  • shallot 20 gr


Prepare the ingredients and chop the galangal, lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves.

Boil the chicken stock, add the galangal, lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves and season with fish sauce, Thai chili paste and coconut milk. Add the prawns, straw mushrooms and shallots.

Bring to the boil, place the lid on. When cooked, squeeze fresh lime into the soup.


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